We regularly observe and assess children’s learning which enables us to plan appropriate learning activities that stretch children's learning and ensure progress. Each child has an on-line Tapestry Learning Journey which includes observations and photographs of activities and experiences that the children get to take part in throughout the school year and of day to day moments when the children are playing and learning. Parents and carers are given a log in and are invited to contribute to their child’s Learning Journey with things they have been doing at home. This helps us to get a better understanding of your child’s learning and development and to plan activities to support and extend it.

We assess children through ongoing observations to determine where children are operating, in relation to our school Curriculum progression Maps. This helps us to identify whether they are "on track" with age related developmental expectations, supports us to determine what skills and knowledge children need to develop next in order to progress and enables us to tailor our support to ensure that they can reach their full potential. Parents and carers are involved in regular "Focus Child" feedback and discussions and invited to contribute their own knowledge of their child's development and progress from a home perspective to this process. More formal Parents’ Consultation Meetings are also scheduled throughout the year to talk about their child’s progress with their class teacher. They also have informal opportunities to talk to their child's Key Person each day. Classroom staff aim to provide daily comments and feedback on collection wherever possible.

A report is created for each child at the end of the year, with a summary of their progress. Parents and carers receive a copy of this report, and another copy is sent to the child’s primary school.