Federation Proposal

Proposal for Federation of Marsh Hill Nursery School and Perry Beeches Nursery School under one Head Teacher and one Governing Board

The Governing Boards of Marsh Hill Nursery School and Perry Beeches Nursery School have been working closely together with a Service Level Agreement in place since 01/09/2019 and wish to propose the federation of both schools.
The opportunity to consider Federation has resulted from our concerns with regards to the sustainability of the two Nursery Schools. This is a national concern for Maintained Nursery
Schools, some of which have recently had to close or are facing closure. The Governing Boards have both voted to undertake consultation with regard to federation.
The enclosed document sets out our proposal and how we think this federation could work. It sets
out what federation would mean for children, parents, staff and the local community, and it forms part of a six-week consultation process, during which we are seeking the views of everyone who has an interest in the school. It includes a response form for you to complete and return.
At the end of the consultation period, the Governing Boards of the two schools will make a final decision on whether to federate, taking into account everyone’s views and comments.